Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There is one thing we all have in common: our souls desire to rejoin with the Divine. How does one accomplish this? Effort. Will. Action. Every morning when I wake up I try to take time to greet my Mother, my Father and the Divine. To give thanks and ask for guidance. And then I listen. I try to be mindful that all I say or do directly affects my life, my path, my destiny. As I go through my day, completing tasks, I try to stay focused. There is so much distraction in todays's world. So staying focused is not easy. So I practice, and I have to practice staying focused a lot! Just like we eat food to fuel our physical bodies, we must fuel our souls. How? By taking time out to commune with our deity, or deities, whatever the case may be! Some call this meditation. More than one person has asked me, "How do you meditate?" Easy. I find a "safe place" where I won't be disturbed for a while by the outside world. I like to light candles and some incense to "set the mood." Then I lay on the floor close my eyes and relax my body. I focus on clearing my mind of distracting thoughts. Then I ask for guidance, when I'm in need I ask for what I need. Then I clear my mind and listen. Whenever those distracting thoughts begin again, I quiet myself again. By meditating every day I've been able to keep my mind quieter and listen more. It's not easy at first. I've often been so frustrated, I'd stop meditating for a while. But with patience and practice, I hear the Divine. By meditating daily I recharge my soul. This gives me the strength and ability to make every day a good day. Once I realized that I had to actively recharge my soul miracles have begun to happen. My mental and physical health are recovering. My needs are met, whether they are material or spiritual. I'm compelled to share this with everyone!

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