Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Winter is tough time of year. The days are so gray. Everything is stark! The trees are stripped of their leaves. Nothing growing. So I'm forced indoors. I spend the time transferring all my herbs from plastic baggies to glass jars. I make herbal blends and incense. Just craving a whiff of Spring! I look inward and try to weed out any negativity that has been lurking around in my being. My thoughts turn towards family. Most of my family are away in other states. I wish we could get together. But with everyone's schedules this seems impossible. My thoughts also turn towards death this time of year. Death of the physical body is inevitable. Death is a part of life. They are entwined. Even stars die. So what is waiting for me out there when I leave this body? I'm thinking it's going to be a great adventure! Of course, I seek reunion with the Divine. The wheel turns, onward. This time of year is supposed to be about rest. Why do I feel restless then? I try to mend broken fences. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not. I can only pray.

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