Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yule Wishes From The Dark Goddess

From The Darkest Time of the Year, which on the flip side is the Brightest Time of the Year:

I desire that you all come close to Me and My Care. Let Me hold each of you safe during what your perception tells you is the darkest of times. Let Me tell you ALL IS WELL.

While for what may seem the longest time, I have been cast away denied in THE WORLD....

I have remained. I am HERE WITH YOU ALL.

It is I who kisses you at night and wishes you dreams. It is I who holds faith in YOU ALL.

What some may view as impending DOOM....

Is only a New beginning.....

Thursday, September 15, 2016

In the Driver's Seat: Owning My Own S&!T (How The Morrigan Claimed Me Part III)

Once The Morrigan claimed me, She began teaching me. The first and most important lesson She taught was that I needed to own my own shit. It was not an easy lesson. While I had always desired self-empowerment, owning up to my own mistakes and facing the less desirable Shadow Self was something I had always avoided. And since I refused to do so, I could not seem to achieve any sense of self-empowerment or inner peace. It was always easier to lay the blame for my wreck of a life at someone else's feet.

Since I was resistant (at first) to this primary lesson, The Morrigan took away my ability to play the blame game. How? She removed everyone from my life. Friends, the majority of my family, professional contacts, everyone. I was the only one left around me. I could not run from me. So I had no choice at that point but to face myself.

Once I started taking an honest look at myself, I realized it was my own choices, my own actions that had gotten me into mess after disaster after tragedy. I determined the only way I could improve my life circumstances was to make better choices. I had to change.  I struggled for a number of years with forgiving myself. Some days, I still struggle with it.

But in my experience, The Morrigan takes with one hand and gives with the other. She gave me a new sense of power over my own life. A new sense of independence. A feeling of finally loving myself for who I am, the good, the bad and the ugly. While some people never reentered my life, I view that now as a blessing. She was clearing out the trash, so to speak. This allowed room for other, more positive people to enter my life. It allowed a NEW ME to enter my own life.

I got in the driver's seat of my own life. I became self-empowered. I became Divinely Empowered, truly, because I learned to trust Deity. If something goes awry in my life now, I know I made an error and seek it out and correct it. Nothing or no one outside of me can have power over me unless I allow it. I took the bull by the horns (the bull being my life). And if true tragedy does strike (things do happen to us all in life we are not able to control) the first thing I do is go to Deity. I ask Deity for help. For there is no greater help in The Universe. Deity always has my back. Always.

I encourage everyone to get in their driver's seat.

Pedal to the metal.....

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rise!: From Victim to Victor (How The Morrigan Claimed Me Part II)

I used to be a victim. A victim of domestic and other abuse. However, the worst abuse I have ever experienced was that I inflicted upon myself.  I relished being a victim. It bought me attention and the sympathy of others. I felt that  living in a constant state of drama and upheaval was the only way to garner attention. Whether that attention was positive or negative did not matter to me.

All of that changed once The Morrigan claimed me. She taught me I was in control of my own Destiny. She taught me to own myself, my actions and my mistakes. I then transformed from a victim to a victor. And then as a Walker on the Warrior Path, one whose life is lived in Her service, and the service of others.

She gave me the strength to first clean house in my life regarding negative attachments. By negative attachments, I mean to negative people and things. After an external housecleaning, so to speak, She guided me towards inner cleansing. I ceased negative self-talk. I stopped being my own worst enemy and became my own best ally. I learned to live life on my terms, and to stop trying to please others.

None of this happened overnight. Nothing worthwhile usually does. I still consider myself a work in progress. I am an eternal student of Life, of The Divine, of The Universe itself. I give thanks for that every day. That I possess the ability to change, to grow, to evolve. That gift has been granted to everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

One of the most powerful influences The Morrigan has in my life is as an instrument of Change and Transformation. I once feared changed, feeling the hell I knew was to be preferred and defended over the unknown. The Morrigan has since taught me to revel in Change. She consistently strips away the unneeded and unnecessary from my life. This, inevitably, allows room in my life for the necessary, the needed.

So, I say to YOU, as The Morrigan has said to ME, "RISE!! Embrace Your Destiny! Cease being a Victim and become a Victor! Become a Warrior!!!"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter (Living Life by the Seasons)

My woods are down to their bare bones. They stand stark against the mountains, quiet guardians. Snow lies over my fields, sparkling in the Sun. My small stream is frozen over. Time seems to stand still.

Winter is time for rest.  Mother Earth rests, humans and animals rest.

In today's Western Society we are never encouraged to rest. We are told that being busy all the time is a mark of success and productivity. This is contrary to the cycles that Nature practices. During Winter there is no growing season. Instead, roots are strengthened in preparation for the upcoming growing season. If we as humans do not take time to foster our roots we cannot continue to grow. We cannot be of any help to others if we are depleted ourselves.

I live my life according to the seasons out here in the country. Winter is a time of introspection for me. No gardens to tend, no crops in the fields. I take this time to rest and renew myself. This is my chance to do Inner Work. Carl Jung talks a great deal about the Shadow Self and I take the opportunity to work with that aspect of myself during this time.  Beginning in Fall (usually by Samhain, a traditional time to release unneeded and unnecessary aspects from one's life), I take a good look at my life in general. Especially my relationships. Negative ones are terminated to make way for more positive relationships in my life. Habits that no longer benefit me are ceased.

I also look at deeper issues. Old pain, old anger, old fear. I resolve and move past these issues with various rituals and meditations. In some traditions this is referred to as "Root Work", one's inner self or soul being the Root.

By the Winter Solstice (Yule) known as the Pagan New Year I am ready to begin anew and set my intentions and goals for the coming Year. I generally also take this time for personal study. Books are acquired and read. Workshops for the coming year are developed and written, mostly inspired by my own inner reflections which evolve into a desire to share with and encourage others. I also find knowledge, truth and a greater understanding of the Universe through communion with my Deities. They inspire and challenge me, spurring me along my spiritual journey.

I encourage everyone to take this season of Winter to rest and then and plant your own seeds of intention. Here are a few suggestions for "Resting" during these Winter months:

-Shadow Self work. There are many books available to guide you through this process.
-Taking up a new past time you find relaxing and enjoy to chase away any Winter Blues.
-Taking more time to commune with your Deity or Deities.
-Daily meditation, Yoga and Prayer
-Self-Care such as taking a long bath, getting a massage, anything you would typically find you "don't have time" for.

The possibilities are endless. Take time to rest.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reviving the Appalachian Granny Woman Tradition

A tradition near and dear to my heart is that of the Appalachian Granny Woman. I come from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and my family has lived here for generations. While growing up, I was introduced to this tradition by my mother and other female members of my family.

The traditions of the Appalachian Granny Women originated with immigrants from Scotland and Ireland who bought their knowledge and practices over during the 1700's and blended them with local Native Cherokee methods. Sometimes, Granny Women were referred to as "Water Witches" due to their skill with dousing.

Skill with plants and herbs, healing work, spiritism, music and more comprise this tradition.

As a young girl, my mother and I would walk through the woods and she would point out wildflowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. She would tell me their "old-timey" names and their uses, whether medicinal, edible or magical. On subsequent walks, she would "quiz" me about the same plants. This tradition continues between us even today.

One of my cousins was widely known in my area for the ability to "heal with her hands." She allowed me to watch her work once, on my uncle. I was fascinated by the process. But much to my dismay, when I asked her to teach me, she refused, saying "I'm afraid if I show someone how to do it, I will lose the Power." Now, she resides in a nursing home, her mind far afield and her methods and art are lost forever.

When that occurred, I became determined to learn all I could from anyone I could about this tradition. Now, I work actively to pass that knowledge on to others in the hopes that the knowledge will not be lost forever.