Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Winter is tough time of year. The days are so gray. Everything is stark! The trees are stripped of their leaves. Nothing growing. So I'm forced indoors. I spend the time transferring all my herbs from plastic baggies to glass jars. I make herbal blends and incense. Just craving a whiff of Spring! I look inward and try to weed out any negativity that has been lurking around in my being. My thoughts turn towards family. Most of my family are away in other states. I wish we could get together. But with everyone's schedules this seems impossible. My thoughts also turn towards death this time of year. Death of the physical body is inevitable. Death is a part of life. They are entwined. Even stars die. So what is waiting for me out there when I leave this body? I'm thinking it's going to be a great adventure! Of course, I seek reunion with the Divine. The wheel turns, onward. This time of year is supposed to be about rest. Why do I feel restless then? I try to mend broken fences. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not. I can only pray.

Friday, July 12, 2013

What is Prosperity?

I need money in this world, unfortunately. Dollars. To pay bills, I have tons of bills! So that got me to thinking, before I perform ritual, what is prosperity? Is it financial wealth? Or does prosperity mean something more something deeper? I am very wealthy. I have family and friends I can count on to help me when the going gets tough. So, do I have all I need? Yes! I've a home, food and I am lived! Therefore I am the richest woman on the planet!! All my needs are being met. And when bills come due, The Divine provides me with an opportunity, a gift, a blessing So when I need money to pay bills, I just "Be" and the Universe digs that.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Divine Structure

Who what is the Divine? It's so omnipresent omnipotent and alla encompassing its hard for our human brain to understand the concept of the Divine. The Divine is dark and light, male and female perfectly balanced. But since the Divine is such a complicated entity, the Divine did us the favor of creating male and female divine entities who are more understandable and access able to us. The male and female deities are called by count less names, I just call them mom and dad. The best thing about being on the path that I'm on is that I have an up close personal relationship with my deities, including the Divine. When pressed by others for "Names" for my deities I say The Morrigan and Odin. I got close to mamma first. I'm still in the process of getting to know dad, party because I was raised southern Baptist with a lot of yelling about hellanddamnation, and partly because I suffered from an abusive earthly father So I'm a bit leary of God I'm scared he'll come down and hurt me. I know for a fact that this is not a rational fear, but a result of my past. To this day, when my earth father raises his voice or gets that look in his eyes, I panic and become terrified. But slowly I'm learning that my heavenly Father only loves me and would never be cruel to me of "Damn me to hell.so,we grow closer each day. Relationships take time, especially with ones deities. I was told by a Cherokee shaman that I'm closer to achieving reunion with the Divine in this lifetime than any other! And I've been reincarnated more than once cause I'm so thick headed! One. We are One. Sometimes the Divine's message comes through loud and clear and I experience ecstasy! Sometimes earth life bogs me down and the Divine's message becomes garbled. That is when I slow down and ground. And smile! The Divine and I are already One! That's the secret!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

was Christ the son of the Divine?

In one word yes but of course we are all the sons and daughters of the Goddess and God and the Divine Christmas was a martyr who gave his life for his faith in the iv in en was a martyr who gave his very life his faith in the Divine (who he called Father) . How many of us today can say we would endure crucifixion for our faith? I feel sorry for Christ sometimes because countless people all over the world pray to him begging to be saved. And why did he say none can come to the father except through me? This statement is generally misunderstood "Me" meant he was going to rejoin the Divine by going through himself! Just as no one can bring us to the God Goddess or the Divine except by going through ourselves! Neat huh? No other being can bring us salvation. Only each one of us can do that for ourselves. Blessed be!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

i am a queen

We are all familiar with the Maiden, mother and Crone aspects of the Goddess. But for a little over a year I've been hearing about a fourth aspect, the Queen aspect. "What are you talking About?", you ask, the triple goddess has been around forever. The Queen aspect fits in between the Mother and Crone, She represents women past the age of childbearing and rearing and the Crone. Adding the Queen to your goddess also allows tor A representation of each phase of the moon. The waxing moon being represented by the Maiden, the full by the Mother, the waning by the Queen, and the Dark the Crone. So adding the Queen makes perfect sense! The Queen in a ruler: she has dominion over her own life. Gone is the obligation to bearing and rearing of children. Enter a time of renewal and the ability to rediscover one's wand and independence. This can be a very powerful time in a woman's life, endless opportunities are open to her. A woman in this stage of her life is very powerful energetically She perhaps has the chance for enjoy getting to know herself again! Some women take advantage of this time in their lives by going to school. This is a chance to further ones knowledge about herself and the Universe around her. Other women return to their careers by volunteering or taking a paid position. I am in the Queen stage. I am taking advantage by realizing my dreams. I've started this blog, I'm gardening like crazy and I'm in the process of developing my ol Line of magical supplies. I'm reading more, currently I am reading "Celtic Lore and spell craft of the dark Goddess:invoking the Morrigan " by Stephanie Wood field. It's a fantastic book I'm it she too touches on the Queen aspect of y goddess I encourage any of you interested in the Morrigan to read her book. I'm busier now than I've I've ever been and lovingly this time in my life. There are many ways you can honor the Queen aspect of the Goddess. Take time from your busy life to dj Just that. I promise you you'll find it very rewarding.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the latest!

I broke my phone! That's why I've not posted. Lately. I've been well. Nlt much time today so I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A soulmate Spell

While refecting on the Mother aspect of The Morrigan, I asked her about love. Romantic love, specifically. Is it a permanent thing once you find it? Is there such a thng as having a "true love"? Are soulmates really real? And if so, do I have one? In stories about The Morrigan she is naned as the wife of The Dagda, and Irish god. Was The Dagda her soulmate? It's hard to say because other stories have her taking other men or gods as lovers. I think what Mother Morrigan is trying to tell me is to be more independant! And to own my own sexuality. I'm blessed with having many loved ones in my life. Sometimes I wish there was a special man in my lIfe to share my life with. I want someone to garden with, to walk with, to laugh with and of course to have sex with! So, Momma, I'm praying to you right here right now to send me a man who I can do all those things with. A man I can trust my life with, who won't hurt me. I'm getting older and I want to settle down! Can you help me out Momma Morrigan? There are a lot of possibilities out there, but no man is really stepping up to the plate and offering me what I truly desire. And having learned my lesson the hard way, I'm not about to try to force any man I know into even just boyfriend status. The following spell I cooked up to send out a call to The Divine requesting a soulmate. Supplies: 1 white candle, pinch dried rose petals, love oil (my own recipe, soon available to ya'll), parchment paper, Dove's blood ink. Rose incense Go to your sacred space with all the supplies and ground and center. Cast a circle if you desire to do so. Then light the incense. Anoint the candle with the love oil. Write down what traits and characteristics you want in a soulmate. Focus your will and intent on the paper and the candle. Light candle and sprinkle rose petals into the flame while saying "Divine One, bring me a soulmate. My soulmate must be ___. (Read what you have written on the paper). So mote it be! Fold the paper and place it under the candle. Burn the candle until it is consumed or if you can't safely do that, snuff it out and relight it and burn it when you can.

The Summer Solstice

I'm so excited! The Summer Solstice is coming! This is one of the most joyous times of year for me. Everything is blooming, lush, green everywhere you look. I simply love the Earth's energy this time of year! I plan to celebrate the the Solstice and honor the Goddess by lighting a yellow candle outside and just take time to look around and truly see Earth's greatness of beauty. I'm hoping some friends and family can join me at this time so I can share with them some of the bounty of blessings I've received so far this year! I love sharing my oils and herbs. June twenty-fIrst, the day of the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It's an excellent time to show the Lord and Lady and the Divine my appreciation of the sun, the outdoors and anything growing. I love watching with anticipation as my seeds and little plants grow. I enjoy the scent of lemon verbena especially. I was blessed to find a plant of it at Foster's Greenhouse last year and I kept it in the garage over the winter.this summer I'll have enough to make essential oil. According to Scott Cunningham's "Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" lemon verbena's powers are purification and love. So the herb itself and the oil are great for spells that require those powers. I find the scent energizing, refreshing and yes, indeed purifying! The Summer Solstice is celebrated all over the world. It is a time to celebrate the fertilitu of the land. I encourage ya'll to take time out of your busy lives to celebrate!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There is one thing we all have in common: our souls desire to rejoin with the Divine. How does one accomplish this? Effort. Will. Action. Every morning when I wake up I try to take time to greet my Mother, my Father and the Divine. To give thanks and ask for guidance. And then I listen. I try to be mindful that all I say or do directly affects my life, my path, my destiny. As I go through my day, completing tasks, I try to stay focused. There is so much distraction in todays's world. So staying focused is not easy. So I practice, and I have to practice staying focused a lot! Just like we eat food to fuel our physical bodies, we must fuel our souls. How? By taking time out to commune with our deity, or deities, whatever the case may be! Some call this meditation. More than one person has asked me, "How do you meditate?" Easy. I find a "safe place" where I won't be disturbed for a while by the outside world. I like to light candles and some incense to "set the mood." Then I lay on the floor close my eyes and relax my body. I focus on clearing my mind of distracting thoughts. Then I ask for guidance, when I'm in need I ask for what I need. Then I clear my mind and listen. Whenever those distracting thoughts begin again, I quiet myself again. By meditating every day I've been able to keep my mind quieter and listen more. It's not easy at first. I've often been so frustrated, I'd stop meditating for a while. But with patience and practice, I hear the Divine. By meditating daily I recharge my soul. This gives me the strength and ability to make every day a good day. Once I realized that I had to actively recharge my soul miracles have begun to happen. My mental and physical health are recovering. My needs are met, whether they are material or spiritual. I'm compelled to share this with everyone!


My last blog entry ended with me talking about changing my destiny from a negative one to a positive one. But, how do I go about this? It seems a daunting task! But I take baby steps. I'm like a small child learning to walk. Sometimes I stumble and fall. I've been blessed to have people in my life who help me back up at those times. But I intend to keep going. I have begun to realize that everything I say or do effects my reality immediately. I'm listening more, being more open minded and tolerant of other's views. I'm trying very hard to treat those around me with more love and respect because I want their love and respect in turn. I feel suddenly free from worry and guilt. I'm beginning to trust, to KNOW I can stop the pain I've felt all my life. And freaky stuff has started happening! I've begun receiving blessings! People I love but had driven away during my struggles with my inner demons began reappearing in my life! I cry a lot now. Tears of joy! The Divine has put an end to my sorrow. What I can only call miracles are happening to me. Everything is beginning to fall into place. My hopes and dreams are coming to fruition. I am living in Nirvana right now! And I feel compelled to share with others these feeling of peace, joy and enlightenment. Why? Because I don't want to be alone! I know today that I need never fear being alone, afraid, abandoned ever again. Each day I try to bemindful that everything I say and do determines my destiny. And what is my destiny? It's the same as yours, to be happy and whole and to ultimately rejoin with the Divine. I'm on a journey, an adventUre won't you join me? Help me? Let me help you in turn? Nothing would make me happier.

Taking Control of Your Destiny conitnued

Over the course of the following years I sought out everything I could find on religion and philosophy, my Mother and my Father (I'm still just getting to know my Father). I learned that all my feelings and thoughts were not unique. Nor was my desire for something more than the bullshit of everyday life.I made myself a sponge, exploring all religions, the dual deity, polytheism, monotheism, New Age, the Craft and everything else that peaked my interest. I talked to people about all these things, learning different points of view and perspectives. I began to understand, to get it: I'm in control of my life, my destiny. And the only thing holding me back from obtaining peace, enlightenment, reunion with the One was me. All I had to do was act, make a decision to change. People, it was not easy. I had to face myself and accept the fact that I was unhappy and unfulfilled because of my own deeds. There was no one, no thing, no government, no god that was causing me pain. I was inflicting pain on myself. Guilt almost killed me, the people I'd hurt. I've attempted to end my life more than once due to this guilt. But my Mother, my Father, the Divine have interceded each time and saved my life in this lifetime. Now, instead of praying for death I pray for strength and endurance. I ackowledge I make mistakes, but I alsdo realize that my destiny was not one of doom. Because I have the power to change.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Taking control of Destiny

As far back as I can remember, I felt different, on the outside of those around me. I had a lot of fears and doubts. I was diagnosed with Depression at the age of twelve. I was hospitalized then due to suicidal ideations. I was prescribed psychiatric medication and sent home after three months of being in a psychiatric ward. But I continued to feel inner turmoil. As I grew from a child to an adult I did all society expected of me. And I did it well above average. School, career, etc. But I wasn't content. I continued battling with Depression and then drug addiction. "Why," I asked myself, "is this it? Is this how life is suposed to be?" I felt unfulfilled despite a high-dollar career. I questioned my very existence. What was wrong with me? Why did I always feel like something was missing. I realised that something was missing. As a trained researcher I began researching, questing for an answer. Something that would fill the hold in my soul. I had tried filling that hole with a lot of things: a career, men, drugs. Nothing quenched my thirst. In utter frustration I screamed out to the universe, to God "If there is something out there that can help me give me a sign!" I was pissed! But my screams were heard! I had been involuntarily commited to a psychiatric ward, my greatest fear had manifested: to be utterly alone. Locked away, physically, spiritually and mentally. I lay on the cold hard floor of the ward, praying, begging for an end to my existence. Then a voice spoke to me saying, "You will live. It's not over for you, you are loved." The goddess held me in her arms. I called her "mamma", you know her by the name The Morrigan.


Hello everyone! I've decided to give into demand and start a blog about my practice of The Craft. I'll be including a bit of everything on here and I'll be opening a store selling my handmade Craft supplies soon! But for this first entry let me introduce myself. I'm a 42 year old who has been on a journey of self discovery my entire life. This journey has led me to walk a path with the intention of rejoining with The Divine, The One, God, whatever term you like. I intend to meet my goal in this lifetime. In other words, I am activley seeking to NOT be reincarnated when I die. So this statement is very broad and I will discuss reincarnation, past lives, this life, and my ongoing journey in subsequent entries. Let me leave you now with this: take time today to contemplate the fact that everything in this universe originated from one source: The Divine. How does this affect you in your daily life?