Thursday, June 27, 2013

Divine Structure

Who what is the Divine? It's so omnipresent omnipotent and alla encompassing its hard for our human brain to understand the concept of the Divine. The Divine is dark and light, male and female perfectly balanced. But since the Divine is such a complicated entity, the Divine did us the favor of creating male and female divine entities who are more understandable and access able to us. The male and female deities are called by count less names, I just call them mom and dad. The best thing about being on the path that I'm on is that I have an up close personal relationship with my deities, including the Divine. When pressed by others for "Names" for my deities I say The Morrigan and Odin. I got close to mamma first. I'm still in the process of getting to know dad, party because I was raised southern Baptist with a lot of yelling about hellanddamnation, and partly because I suffered from an abusive earthly father So I'm a bit leary of God I'm scared he'll come down and hurt me. I know for a fact that this is not a rational fear, but a result of my past. To this day, when my earth father raises his voice or gets that look in his eyes, I panic and become terrified. But slowly I'm learning that my heavenly Father only loves me and would never be cruel to me of "Damn me to,we grow closer each day. Relationships take time, especially with ones deities. I was told by a Cherokee shaman that I'm closer to achieving reunion with the Divine in this lifetime than any other! And I've been reincarnated more than once cause I'm so thick headed! One. We are One. Sometimes the Divine's message comes through loud and clear and I experience ecstasy! Sometimes earth life bogs me down and the Divine's message becomes garbled. That is when I slow down and ground. And smile! The Divine and I are already One! That's the secret!

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