Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My last blog entry ended with me talking about changing my destiny from a negative one to a positive one. But, how do I go about this? It seems a daunting task! But I take baby steps. I'm like a small child learning to walk. Sometimes I stumble and fall. I've been blessed to have people in my life who help me back up at those times. But I intend to keep going. I have begun to realize that everything I say or do effects my reality immediately. I'm listening more, being more open minded and tolerant of other's views. I'm trying very hard to treat those around me with more love and respect because I want their love and respect in turn. I feel suddenly free from worry and guilt. I'm beginning to trust, to KNOW I can stop the pain I've felt all my life. And freaky stuff has started happening! I've begun receiving blessings! People I love but had driven away during my struggles with my inner demons began reappearing in my life! I cry a lot now. Tears of joy! The Divine has put an end to my sorrow. What I can only call miracles are happening to me. Everything is beginning to fall into place. My hopes and dreams are coming to fruition. I am living in Nirvana right now! And I feel compelled to share with others these feeling of peace, joy and enlightenment. Why? Because I don't want to be alone! I know today that I need never fear being alone, afraid, abandoned ever again. Each day I try to bemindful that everything I say and do determines my destiny. And what is my destiny? It's the same as yours, to be happy and whole and to ultimately rejoin with the Divine. I'm on a journey, an adventUre won't you join me? Help me? Let me help you in turn? Nothing would make me happier.

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