Tuesday, June 25, 2013

was Christ the son of the Divine?

In one word yes but of course we are all the sons and daughters of the Goddess and God and the Divine Christmas was a martyr who gave his life for his faith in the iv in en was a martyr who gave his very life his faith in the Divine (who he called Father) . How many of us today can say we would endure crucifixion for our faith? I feel sorry for Christ sometimes because countless people all over the world pray to him begging to be saved. And why did he say none can come to the father except through me? This statement is generally misunderstood "Me" meant he was going to rejoin the Divine by going through himself! Just as no one can bring us to the God Goddess or the Divine except by going through ourselves! Neat huh? No other being can bring us salvation. Only each one of us can do that for ourselves. Blessed be!

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