Sunday, November 1, 2015

How The Morrigan Claimed Me: My Personal Story of How I became a Priestess of The Morrigan

Many and more have asked me to share my story about how and why I came to be a Priestess of The Morrigan. I believe now is the time to share that story.
For most of my young life I had been lost spiritually. I was raised Southern Baptist, but it never fit me. I began exploring other spiritual paths in my early teens, and was drawn to The Craft (witchcraft). I studied several traditions, but none seemed to call to me.
Now that I look back on things, I realize I was looking for self-empowerment. I was a victim of domestic abuse from the time I was a child. I sought out things to escape from that. Mostly drugs. I searched for a “savior” mostly men. It was all for naught. Nothing filled the “hole in my soul.”
I was in the midst of what Joseph Campbell refers to as a Shamanic “Crackup” as an adult. Western Psychiatry refers to this as “psychosis”. I had been committed to a psychiatric facility. I lay on the floor of the ward. I was angry, I was beyond defeated. I was desperate.
 I screamed out to The Universe at large, “Whoever, Whatever is OUT THERE!! Take me, I am tired of this life, I hate this life. I feel lost. No one has come to save me. HELP ME!!”
And She did. I did not know Her name at the time. I only heard Her voice at first.
“Get UP! This is not the end for YOU! I have use for YOU! And YOU will save YOURSELF! GET UP!!”
And so, I got up. Up off the floor of the hospital. Up out of the self-pity. Up out of being a victim. Up out of abusing drugs. Up and away from unhealthy relationships.
At that time, The Morrigan was not as well known, as She is now. I did not know who this Goddess was, I did not know a name.  After hearing Her voice I began seeing an image. A woman, a Goddess, standing and screaming at me over and over. I sought out another Priestess, and was told the image I described sounded like The Morrigan. I began reading, researching, and meditating, praying all on The Morrigan. It was Her, my savior, or rather the One responsible for empowering me to save myself. I became Her Priestess and have been ever since.
That was many, many years ago. She has lead me down a Warrior Path. Together, We seek to bring balance to The Cosmos once again. If I could say anything about my savior, The Morrigan, it is that She has taught me, and continues to teach me every day, to be the best Me I can be.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Living Life Seasonally-Winter Approaches

I live my life seasonally. Spring and Summer are more outward for me, attending public events, teaching workshops, etc. But as the year turns downward, I begin to look inward. I reserve late fall and winter for inner work. I focus on releasing things, and relationship that have become negative influences in my life. This is kind of like inner house cleaning for me. I also do a lot of inner work. I meditate more, and for longer periods. I travel the astral even more. I study more. I write more.

I encourage everyone to attempt to live life more seasonally. It feels more natural to me. More in sync with The Universe at large.

Take this time, as Mother Earth does, to renew yourself.

Bright Blessings.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Three Blood Moons in a row...what does it mean?

I'm going to give you my personal spin on all this. What is happening cosmically? Do you feel it?

I know I do!

Where others view this cosmic event of Three Blood Moons in a row to be a portent of disaster to come, I see things in an entirely different manner.

The Mother of us ALL is calling...."Wake up...children...WAKE UP!"

Where some see disaster..I see...CHANGE...

Wonderful change...

Our time is now...everything is different in this lifetime...

For Mother is calling us..."wake up..WAKE UP!"

Are you listening?


Saturday, July 11, 2015

How Magic works in my life!

I have recently had the pleasure of taking on two new students, or Dedicants. Thinking of their individual ceremonies, I was wondering what to get each of them for the Talisman I will be dedicating. For me, working with someone on that level, it's very powerful and something I take very seriously. So, I was thinking on the one student..and after a couple of days it came to me! I had purchased a beautiful magic tool, perhaps, five years ago! Perfect for him!! And, for the other one...I had purchased another beautiful magic tool, knowing it wasn't mine, but meant for me to give someone! I bought it at the Mountain Mysteries Beltane Festival I met her at! Powerful Magic at work here!

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Divine Web

We are all living in The Divine Web. Every living being. This is the Cosmos we live in. Each of us is a strand in that web. Consider The Divine to be the spider of the web. The Divine is at the center of the web. We each vibrate our strands in that web. In turn, our vibrations, vibrate the entire web. Change your vibration, change the web.

While we may feel small at times, and feel that any change we make will not matter. But, each of us is changing the entire web. Every day.

If enough of us work together, altering our vibrations, away from fear and hate, for instance, and towards love, we can alter EVERYTHING.

This is the Will of The Divine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Mundane Task becomes a Spiritual Experience

I have often heard people say "I have no time for rituals, or to meditate, or to pray!" I find that amusing. I live on and maintain approximately 15 acres. I am a full time clergy person, I am an author and teacher, the list goes on and on. Yet, I find time for things such as this every day. How? Let me give an example.

 Mowing the lawn is one of my favorite activities. For various reasons. I also use mowing the lawn as an opportunity to actively meditate, speak with my Deities, and yes, do ritual. I vary my mowing patterns, mowing deosil (clockwise) I will send out requests to draw something to my life. Mowing widdershins (counter clockwise) I use the opportunity to banish an obstacle from my life. The possibilities are endless. I speak with the Sidhe (faeries) that inhabit my property, talk to the birds and flowers, all the nature spirits. I speak with the elements, and praise and thank them. I enjoy the time, choosing to live in the moment.

Give some thought to your own daily routine. Morning coffee or tea can become a wonderful time for prayer or meditation. Showering can become a spiritual cleansing process as well as a physical one.

Anything and everything can become a spiritual experience, it all depends on one's perspective.

Blessed Be!