Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A soulmate Spell

While refecting on the Mother aspect of The Morrigan, I asked her about love. Romantic love, specifically. Is it a permanent thing once you find it? Is there such a thng as having a "true love"? Are soulmates really real? And if so, do I have one? In stories about The Morrigan she is naned as the wife of The Dagda, and Irish god. Was The Dagda her soulmate? It's hard to say because other stories have her taking other men or gods as lovers. I think what Mother Morrigan is trying to tell me is to be more independant! And to own my own sexuality. I'm blessed with having many loved ones in my life. Sometimes I wish there was a special man in my lIfe to share my life with. I want someone to garden with, to walk with, to laugh with and of course to have sex with! So, Momma, I'm praying to you right here right now to send me a man who I can do all those things with. A man I can trust my life with, who won't hurt me. I'm getting older and I want to settle down! Can you help me out Momma Morrigan? There are a lot of possibilities out there, but no man is really stepping up to the plate and offering me what I truly desire. And having learned my lesson the hard way, I'm not about to try to force any man I know into even just boyfriend status. The following spell I cooked up to send out a call to The Divine requesting a soulmate. Supplies: 1 white candle, pinch dried rose petals, love oil (my own recipe, soon available to ya'll), parchment paper, Dove's blood ink. Rose incense Go to your sacred space with all the supplies and ground and center. Cast a circle if you desire to do so. Then light the incense. Anoint the candle with the love oil. Write down what traits and characteristics you want in a soulmate. Focus your will and intent on the paper and the candle. Light candle and sprinkle rose petals into the flame while saying "Divine One, bring me a soulmate. My soulmate must be ___. (Read what you have written on the paper). So mote it be! Fold the paper and place it under the candle. Burn the candle until it is consumed or if you can't safely do that, snuff it out and relight it and burn it when you can.

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