Thursday, June 20, 2013

i am a queen

We are all familiar with the Maiden, mother and Crone aspects of the Goddess. But for a little over a year I've been hearing about a fourth aspect, the Queen aspect. "What are you talking About?", you ask, the triple goddess has been around forever. The Queen aspect fits in between the Mother and Crone, She represents women past the age of childbearing and rearing and the Crone. Adding the Queen to your goddess also allows tor A representation of each phase of the moon. The waxing moon being represented by the Maiden, the full by the Mother, the waning by the Queen, and the Dark the Crone. So adding the Queen makes perfect sense! The Queen in a ruler: she has dominion over her own life. Gone is the obligation to bearing and rearing of children. Enter a time of renewal and the ability to rediscover one's wand and independence. This can be a very powerful time in a woman's life, endless opportunities are open to her. A woman in this stage of her life is very powerful energetically She perhaps has the chance for enjoy getting to know herself again! Some women take advantage of this time in their lives by going to school. This is a chance to further ones knowledge about herself and the Universe around her. Other women return to their careers by volunteering or taking a paid position. I am in the Queen stage. I am taking advantage by realizing my dreams. I've started this blog, I'm gardening like crazy and I'm in the process of developing my ol Line of magical supplies. I'm reading more, currently I am reading "Celtic Lore and spell craft of the dark Goddess:invoking the Morrigan " by Stephanie Wood field. It's a fantastic book I'm it she too touches on the Queen aspect of y goddess I encourage any of you interested in the Morrigan to read her book. I'm busier now than I've I've ever been and lovingly this time in my life. There are many ways you can honor the Queen aspect of the Goddess. Take time from your busy life to dj Just that. I promise you you'll find it very rewarding.

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